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In creating my new blog (this one), I discovered a few great resources for those struggling to come up with a meaningful but short blog, website, or domain name.

1. The first resource is the 2- and 3-letter word lists from the San Jose Scrabble Club:
Browsing these lists will not only inspire cool site names, but also will sharpen your Scrabbling skills. Ah, good ol' Scrabble. ("Ah" is a valid Scrabble word!)

2. The next is this handy website of abbreviations: www.abbreviations.com
It allows browsing by category, including stock ticker symbols, professional terms, etc. This is especially handy for those affiliated with an organization or creating a website for professional purposes.

3. Or you may take the route that I did: IM/text messaging-inspired abbreviations/misspellings. For example, I considered  intentional misspellings such as "trooth" and "lern" to show my mix of humor and intellectualism.

Happy naming!

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