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Gardening has become one of several hobbies that I have taken up while looking for jobs. It has several benefits: It's an excuse to expose my eyes to light other than the glow of my laptop. It's a way to uncurl the question-mark my body becomes when sitting at the computer all day. And best of all: it's free and it creates food! 

Here are some other things I have recently done to stay sane:

- Art! I'm a longtime artist, and graduating has given me a chance to get back to it. Pros: it's free and you can do it anywhere. Just pick up a pen and paper and draw something you see around you, or from your imagination. 

- Cooking. Again, an activity that usually saves money and passes the time. I recommend trying slightly (or totally) new recipes each day or week. Tip: change only one or two ingredients at a time, so you can keep track of what the change actually does to the meal. In science, the ingredient being changed is called the "experimental variable,"  And in math, the ingredient would be the "unknown variable" in an equation, which can be solved as long as there is only one unknown variable.

- Meetups or parties. A great way to get out and socialize that can even help the job hunt. I have gone to political events, meetups, and friends' parties. So far I have met a few people at such events that have become professional connections.

-Clubs/activities/contests. If you are still tied into a school, or even if not, find one and be a part of a club. After graduating, I participated in a business competition at my university, and I have become more active in clubs for which I previously didn't have time. Also a good networking device.

- Blogging. Doin it right now. Keeps the mind active on something other than interviews and resumes. 

-Exercise or sports. A friend of mine exercised heavily while looking for work, apparently getting into great shape. I've done it a bit, but the downside in my case and for most is that gyms usually cost mo jo.  But these are great options. 

There are a million other ideas, but these are a few that work for me.

6/3/2011 07:13:22 am

Hi Aaron,

how have you been so far after ucla.. i hope you try new things and enjoy them as you mention here..


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