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This evening I attended Nullify Now!, a libertarian/tea party social and activism event that was held near the Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles (http://www.nullifynow.com/losangeles/). I had the pleasure to talk to almost all of the speakers, including the main attraction, Thomas E. Woods, Jr. 

  The attendees: Mostly a nice crowd; 30-60 -ish. I spoke to around 30 people, and they were a lot of small business, entrepreneurial, artsy, or retired types. 
  The speakers: There was a substantial crowd that was laughing and clapping a lot, but I felt the speakers were a little redundant and lacking depth. Mr. Thomas Woods, for example, did a lot of ripping on Mitt Romney and Hilary Clinton. I can understand this, but character-bashing is easy. I like to hear ideas. What is wrong with Mitt's/Clinton's ideas, and why? What are better ideas, and why? And make it fresh. 

In all, a fun night.

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